Acrylic on canvas




The first song of the Way

From Clavicla Salos by Endymion Letranger et Le bon Frère


To travel a Way means that it is inevitable that other will travel behind, ahead and next to you.

They travel the same or similar ways differing from yours only in the variation of step and tone.

Still there is a whole universe between you and the ones travelling in your vicinity.

Many of those you meet are filled with the conviction of the righteousness of their way. They hold their way true not only for themselves but for everyone.

Thus some lead others in chains on the path they have set for themselves.

The treacherous chains in which they have bound their victims eat away at the soul and weaken the will.

They feed the lord of the chains like leeching umbilical cords draining their victims slowly and with much pain.

These lords of the chains are vampires whose souls have been twisted by self righteousness and fool ambition.

They constantly prey on new victims and, making further abuse of life, they let their victims catch others in turn.

They are Plague and should be treated as such.

Their movement limited and their minions chased away from the innocent and the gentle.

Woe to him who steps in their way without knowing them for what they really are.

Take care for they are strong in conviction, silver tongued and enchanting in their ill will towards true man.

Know them for their single mindness and their yearning to shape you in their image.

Resist strongly and forcibly their chains and steel your heart against their trickery.

Know that no prophet that idolises himself has the power to bring the mysteries of life to fruition in another.

Take care though lest you seek to break the chain of another as you surely with such an act will form chains of your own.

As saviour you will bind the saved unto you.

The liberated who has not liberated himself will undoubtedly seek new chains to replace the old ones for such is the nature of the feeble minded.

Share what you have learned.

Keep no secrets and always help fellow travellers over treacherous ground.

Give and let those you meet judge for themselves about what they should do with that which have been given.


And so end the first song of the way…