The Eye





Synchronicity is the messenger of good possibilities.

It brings gifts to open hearts but will not let itself be controlled by aught but divine necessity.

Many are those who would pass up these free gifts.

Many are also those who would seek to control these gifts and have them enslaved by the will of the sorrowful ego.

Inevitable must such people see that which have been given them taken away.

It will be wrested from their hands by the same necessity that once brought these blessings to them.

This is why we train our minds and practice attention so that we do not hurry by the blessings of the universe.

That is also why we seek to do our true will because only when we do our true will are we able to tread on the divine paths towards our holy guardian angel.

To walk with attention is not to walk with such trepidation that movement cease.

Not moving is limitation and limitation is in itself a sin that can only lead to ruin.

All living things encompass movement in circles and spirals.

The body itself is formed and defined by movement and is left to suffer when it is restricted.

An open mind armed with the virtue of attentativeness and with the will as a bright shining star illuminating the path, will move in accordance with the laws of the universe.

Synchronicity is the evidence for the justness in such an action.

The First Song of Life


Avoiding life is to avoid the initiation given by the secret chiefs. To do so can only cause decay and corruption.

At every step of the way, pay heed to the things that life is trying to teach.

Every whisper in the wind, every meeting – Yea every event in life around you is a carrier of knowledge to enlighten your path and guide you in your ways.

Can a thousand page book fully explain the taste of one single drop of a good wine?

Can even ten thousand pages of written word fully express the nuances of feelings coursing through you when someone else’s lips are pressed against your own?

Can a graphic representation of the travels of the sun in any way describe the feeling of the first rays of the sun in your face on a summer morning?

Can life in any way be explained in any other way than if one actually lives it to the fullest?

So leave your studies and escape your chamber when they are but excuses for avoiding the lessons of life.

Let the book rest when it is a hiding place

Let knowledge give way for rapture and let arrogance and fear bounce lightly from your brow.



The word of sin is restriction

To restrict oneself or another is to offend True Will

As we teach or lead someone else it is of the utmost importance that our intent is pure. Our hearts must be constantly searched and questioned.

Therefore never try to teach anything until a question is asked.

Do not make anyone listen to good advice, matters of faith or even directions if you have not been approached and asked to give any of such things.

To give freely is to give without any thought of recompense or demands for gifts in return.

Such gifts are without restriction and therefore without sin.

To receive and accept a gift honours the giver if the gift is freely given.

Avoid giving or receiving gifts that comes with some form of conditions attached to them. Such gifts truly restrict both giver and taker.

Do not try to save people or make efforts to convince them.

Do not preach for out of such comes the illusion of being right.

Out of such decay comes division and placement in accordance with those who are in the right and those who are in the wrong.

Such division is false logic and can only lead to the sin of restriction.

Dark paths treads the one who seek to chain others with his conviction

In the blind faith and belief of ones very own goodness such a person will lead everybody and everyone into the shameful congregation of the Black Brotherhood.


To behold but one facet of god or to work but one path must not necessarily be wrong or evil.

Such intent may come about out of necessity or conviction and be in full accordance with the True Will.

But a particle of the divine may be enough for one life and one Will.

To claim that this small path is the only path for everyone and to demand the company of other wanderers is to make the journey an abomination.

Have mercy upon the Pilgrim and make him sit by your fire sharing your warmth but do not demand that he should follow you on your journey.

Nor should you seek to accompany him no matter how enlightened his path seems to be.

The third Song of the Heart


What is your pride worth when the chains of such pride bar your movements?

How many harsh words could not the lovers have avoided were it not for the pride’s self absorbing fear that directs their conversations?

How much suffering could not the child spare itself if it did not labour so hard to gain the pride of its parents?

Search then your heart and pay attention to your pride.

Is its very nature born out of fear or out of confidence?

Is its very nature life-giving or stifling?

So many of our feelings might be confused with the belittling fear that pride has created that it takes hard and truthful work to know and recognise all the faces and facets of them.

Pride and Fear

Fear and Pride

Are these two not one?

Are they not two completely separate things?

Yes truly are these two one and the same as Pride takes role of restriction and thus denies the initiation of nature.

Pride that spawns fear and Pride that bars action

All these are abominations

The Pride’s fear creates great walls and places dangerous creatures in the motes surrounding the fortress of the heart.

It muffles the divine voice rising form the centre because it fears not being able to hear its own voice.

It keeps the hand of peace hostage and chains the words of forgiveness to the gates of the mouth.

Stone is placed upon stone and tearing down the walls keeping the spirit captured becomes more and more difficult making the owner of the spirit more and more rigid.

Pride and Fear become separate things when one is not dependent of the other.