The first song of Sorrow

From Clavicula Nox by Clavdio Salos


Know O Man that life is sorrow upon sorrow with no other hope than to be released before new sorrows are placed upon a far too heavy a brow.

The more life one is given, the greater the understanding of the true depth of the bitter cup of sorrow is.

Heavy is the pressure on the heart which turns into something harder and harder.

Such a diamond heart forged by pressure, darkness and time to the hardest material on earth, makes mute beauty of something that should be alive, changing and everlastingly embracing.

Some hearts blackens to the darkest coal and forever lacks the power to shape bitterness into beauty

They turn into poison tainting every other heart they touch.


Understanding this some say that all happiness is illusion and that life is slavery. Others claim that only the dying god is strong enough to liberate the heart from sorrow


Is not then man divine?

Is not the heart of man a house of God and the promised temple?

Is not the way of the heart the way of salvation walkable for each and everyone no matter by what name one call to God?


To fear sorrow is to give it power.

To embrace sorrow is to make it a source.

Sorrow is a shade of life as necessary as love or joy.

Let your sorrow be the bitter taste that heightens sweet and salt and gives depth to your Art

Let life be full even in pain


Preserve the changing, listening heart that is the temple of God and the core of your divine being.

Live with doors opened not closed.

The Witch–A Sonnet

I know a witch that could kill with a touch
Her slender apparition hides it well
Of her thoughts I know not overly much
Still I´d travel safe with her on the road to hell

I know a dangerous woman who makes me smile
Her grip and eye is full of playfulness
Though I´ve only known her a little while
I take care of not having her think of me less
I know a girl very quick with the blade

Through a house of slaughter she sent me flyin´
Like a cool breeze in the evening shade
She had me falter without even trying

I know a witch who wields her spells widdershin
I wonder still what thought she hides within

By Clavdio Salos

Instruction I


Partake and be drunk oh man upon the wine and the life that is offered to you

When wine flows in the company of brothers and the tables are overfilled with precious foods then these implements of joy will surely bring you into the arms of the gods and to ecstasy.

Explore and be amazed by the dialogue between food and wine which in sooth is and should be as the balance between speaking and listening.

Take pleasure in the conversation between food and wine which will lift your spirit and inspire it to sing thus enabling your heart to remember true beauty.

To make meals into such an art is a part of the great web which is the Art. It is also a part of the great web of the universe.

After such joy it is truly possible to go from work to refreshment and play with vigour, love and an easy mind.

In loneliness the wine turns into a sour poison of forgetfulness.

As the tide it labours without pause, digging an abyss in the chamber of your heart.

Out of the abyss there are cries for more of the poison. Strong it rises demanding the very thing that gives it depth.

Slowly the abyss widens until nothing but its gaping blackness remains of the wounded chest.

Out of its depths the howling demons arises whose teeth and claws spread destruction at every turn.

The slave of the sour wine breaks the laws of the Father, the Brother and the Husband. So filled with decay and mind so beset with poison is he that he only may find faults with others and never himself.

Thus is the lonesome wine only a wine for masters who know to take pleasure in truth even if they themselves have to supply both place and bottle.

The song of the Circle


There are six movements within a circle

Through these movements you may enter the temple and find Understanding, Grace and Wisdom

These six movements cannot be found in ritual or document

Nor can these mysteries be explained through initiation if it be not the initiation of the very creation itself.

Every movement is in sooth a circle – imperfect in non-completion – perfected as the road has reached its end and the path is fully trodden.

As the circle is finally closed it becomes a symbol for the eternal where the beginning and the end of the Way loses its meaning.

Every movement thus strive for the perfection of the circle

Therefore do not begin a movement you have not planned to finish.

Avoid that which is half-hearted and do not leave un-trodden paths behind you.

All force that is caught, locked up, bound or hampered in any other way restricting its natural movement is an abomination.

Still waters only give birth to decay and it is a very difficult thing indeed to bring life out of a rotten vessel.

Guard therefore well he who too proudly guards his secrets for such a man has surely spent considerable time amassing and storing the fruits of the mysteries within himself.

Surely such a man hides plentiful of rotten water under his chest where unfinished circles and things meant to be touched with joy instead have faded away and turned to putrid abandonment.

Wisdom and learning


For the learned it is sometimes painful to realise that he knows very little.

For the wise, such an insight is but a source for constant joy as it means that there is still so much more to learn.

That which is planted in the heart of a man is always able to sprout anew, multiplying with each ray of light that finds is way within.

Treasure your knowledge with gentle care and let it grow strong in your heart.

Be careful however so that you do not kill the saplings of new knowledge as if they were weeds in your garden.

Treasure and tend the garden of your heart and visit other gardens with humble awe at their beauty.