A pair of blue eyes

In dreams I see

a pair of blue eyes

such beautiful pale blue eyes

filling my void

like the beautiful skies

such wonderful pale blue eyes

I sometimes dream

while I’m awake

’bout a pair of pale blue eyes

and think of things

that weren’t to be

between me and those pale blue eyes


The Ogre

An ogre may be fair in appearance
and give chaste replies whenever asked
but a faint scent ever of death and decay
to the keen mind always a cause of dismay
Its bosom may be lavishly ripe and full
luring the mind as do red to a bull
but as you grapple and grope foolishly brave
the flesh will be as if fresh from a grave

I myself was caught in a trance
invited to partake in a terrible dance
as night was aflame and my cheeks did burn
I was taken aback as the mark of the worm
appeared on her brow ever so clearly
as she closed to devour me ever so dearly