The world is to begin

Strange words stemming from a Facebook game and I ended up with the title. And now I found it on a note cleaning a HDD
It was one of those times when I suddenly had a song or atleast the lyrics. I have never tried to sing it or even put it into a melody. Here it is anyways:

You took All the broken pieces

Trying to start again

You looked So lost and lonely

As if this was the end

And I watched you In the mirror

Trying to explain

That all the things That lay around you

Were just pieces of your pain


Turn your back Leave it be

And walk on Towards the sea

Throw away This worthless load

And walk on The winding road


The world is to begin

Not end my friend

And remember restriction is sin

There is always time to mend

It is to begin


The chords Never changed

But the melody was broken

Still you played Tried to save

things that wouldn´t come again


all the words all the truths

all the things best left unspoken

turned a lover to a fool

and a mirrorman insane