The first song of Sorrow

From Clavicula Nox by Clavdio Salos


Know O Man that life is sorrow upon sorrow with no other hope than to be released before new sorrows are placed upon a far too heavy a brow.

The more life one is given, the greater the understanding of the true depth of the bitter cup of sorrow is.

Heavy is the pressure on the heart which turns into something harder and harder.

Such a diamond heart forged by pressure, darkness and time to the hardest material on earth, makes mute beauty of something that should be alive, changing and everlastingly embracing.

Some hearts blackens to the darkest coal and forever lacks the power to shape bitterness into beauty

They turn into poison tainting every other heart they touch.


Understanding this some say that all happiness is illusion and that life is slavery. Others claim that only the dying god is strong enough to liberate the heart from sorrow


Is not then man divine?

Is not the heart of man a house of God and the promised temple?

Is not the way of the heart the way of salvation walkable for each and everyone no matter by what name one call to God?


To fear sorrow is to give it power.

To embrace sorrow is to make it a source.

Sorrow is a shade of life as necessary as love or joy.

Let your sorrow be the bitter taste that heightens sweet and salt and gives depth to your Art

Let life be full even in pain


Preserve the changing, listening heart that is the temple of God and the core of your divine being.

Live with doors opened not closed.


Wisdom and learning


For the learned it is sometimes painful to realise that he knows very little.

For the wise, such an insight is but a source for constant joy as it means that there is still so much more to learn.

That which is planted in the heart of a man is always able to sprout anew, multiplying with each ray of light that finds is way within.

Treasure your knowledge with gentle care and let it grow strong in your heart.

Be careful however so that you do not kill the saplings of new knowledge as if they were weeds in your garden.

Treasure and tend the garden of your heart and visit other gardens with humble awe at their beauty.

The first Song of the Heart

The holiest of places dwell within the heart of man

Here lies the anchor for the soul and thus it is the place where the divine is tied to the human.

In that which is life man is often accosted by blows and harsh words in a way that forces her to harden the walls of the heart so that the cuts do not become too deep or too dangerous.

The heart is shielded by walls, buttresses, motes and labyrinths of such might that in the end not even the owner may find his way easily therein.

Love becomes ownership and good deeds becomes good trade. Trade becomes a desperate search in which the living dead tries to regain that which once flowed freely from his chest and was lost so long ago.

How hard is it not to find the anchor of the heart of such a man?

How well hidden is not her inner flame?

How dim is not the trail upon which one must wander to hear but a chord of the divine music that sings at the roots of her heart?

Those who walk the Way often seek to reopen these doors of the heart.

They labour rigorously and with vigilance.

They enlist the aid of mute gods and strange rituals

They seek mastery over the crossroads, the elements, the dreams – yes all that which is whispered to them by the mysteries.

Kings over the known and the unknown they survey the labyrinths.

They catch angels and demons and beseech them to teach the language of the gods so that they may interpret the divine chant.

Yet many are they who fall upon the way and turn bitter and greedy.

It is written that some seek from within.

Others search from without.

It is also written: As above so below

Then let that which is within be that which is without.

Establish thy Khaba – thy temple – thy heart in every place you rest your foot.

Let it flow within you and make it manifest around you so that it illuminates the night and brings light to the late wanderer.

Make your home a castle with strong walls and open gates.

Make travellers welcome in accordance with the ancient rules of hospitality and greet them as a man and a brother.

Let the divine chant reverberate all around you and make your home a celebration to the joy which is life.

Only in such a way may you protect your heart without hiding it or forgetting its song.

Only in such a way is the divine able to take its place in your life and in your deeds.

The second song of the Way

To wander along the road with no other intent than catching a glimpse of what lies beyond is a journey without end.

The traveller is free to halt at all things that catches the eye or sparks the imagination.

Without rush he can investigate and enjoy what he have found and then continue walking as new horizons constantly opens up before him.

Time loses its meaning and gains in meaningfulness as the right time is placed on every thing at every moment.

But if the steps of the wanderer are filled with desire for finite goals then the mind is also finite.

The radiant soul is trapped within straight walls.

As it tries to escape it is halted by gates fitted with the ambition of the ego.

Finally both body and soul is shrunken and shrivelled, the neck is bent and only hunger remains inside the shell of the fallen.

The body chases on without rest towards something always out of reach.

Tortured by his rider, the steed is forced to run with froth in its mouth until it lies down a final time never to get up again.

Bitter is such a harvest when only remorse and the ruins of stiff- necked ambition are the result of the work.

The true worth of a life cannot be measured.

Nor can it gain or loose value in accordance with the number of things it has collected during the journey.

The essence of life is necessity and only he who is living it can truly appreciate its value.

Therefore can a lifetime spent in one place indeed be a full life even though the body is born, lives and dies without ever contemplating travelling the four corners of the world.

The decay of flesh does not have to be the decay of spirit and the journeys of the spirit can give rise to greater mysteries than anyone of us really know.

Thus the Way is a journey without end even if the body has taken residence at the crossroads and remains there until it returns to dust.

The first song of the Way

From Clavicla Salos by Endymion Letranger et Le bon Frère


To travel a Way means that it is inevitable that other will travel behind, ahead and next to you.

They travel the same or similar ways differing from yours only in the variation of step and tone.

Still there is a whole universe between you and the ones travelling in your vicinity.

Many of those you meet are filled with the conviction of the righteousness of their way. They hold their way true not only for themselves but for everyone.

Thus some lead others in chains on the path they have set for themselves.

The treacherous chains in which they have bound their victims eat away at the soul and weaken the will.

They feed the lord of the chains like leeching umbilical cords draining their victims slowly and with much pain.

These lords of the chains are vampires whose souls have been twisted by self righteousness and fool ambition.

They constantly prey on new victims and, making further abuse of life, they let their victims catch others in turn.

They are Plague and should be treated as such.

Their movement limited and their minions chased away from the innocent and the gentle.

Woe to him who steps in their way without knowing them for what they really are.

Take care for they are strong in conviction, silver tongued and enchanting in their ill will towards true man.

Know them for their single mindness and their yearning to shape you in their image.

Resist strongly and forcibly their chains and steel your heart against their trickery.

Know that no prophet that idolises himself has the power to bring the mysteries of life to fruition in another.

Take care though lest you seek to break the chain of another as you surely with such an act will form chains of your own.

As saviour you will bind the saved unto you.

The liberated who has not liberated himself will undoubtedly seek new chains to replace the old ones for such is the nature of the feeble minded.

Share what you have learned.

Keep no secrets and always help fellow travellers over treacherous ground.

Give and let those you meet judge for themselves about what they should do with that which have been given.


And so end the first song of the way…

A humble beginning

Greetings and Health Brother or Sister.

Be welcome and be blessed. I speak for the Good Brother and it is my hope that you will find things here that perhaps are worth contemplating or even spreading to others. If you were to ask about my faith or denomination my answer would be Christian. This does however demand some explanation as I am not a member of any church. Nor do I subscribe to the pompous and many times judgmental dogmas that have plagued Christianity since the resurrection. I write for the seeker and the spirit and for the joy of writing. I give freely of what has been given an old man and hope that someone will find something little to light the way forward.

Il Bene Frate

E. Letranger