The first song of Sorrow

From Clavicula Nox by Clavdio Salos


Know O Man that life is sorrow upon sorrow with no other hope than to be released before new sorrows are placed upon a far too heavy a brow.

The more life one is given, the greater the understanding of the true depth of the bitter cup of sorrow is.

Heavy is the pressure on the heart which turns into something harder and harder.

Such a diamond heart forged by pressure, darkness and time to the hardest material on earth, makes mute beauty of something that should be alive, changing and everlastingly embracing.

Some hearts blackens to the darkest coal and forever lacks the power to shape bitterness into beauty

They turn into poison tainting every other heart they touch.


Understanding this some say that all happiness is illusion and that life is slavery. Others claim that only the dying god is strong enough to liberate the heart from sorrow


Is not then man divine?

Is not the heart of man a house of God and the promised temple?

Is not the way of the heart the way of salvation walkable for each and everyone no matter by what name one call to God?


To fear sorrow is to give it power.

To embrace sorrow is to make it a source.

Sorrow is a shade of life as necessary as love or joy.

Let your sorrow be the bitter taste that heightens sweet and salt and gives depth to your Art

Let life be full even in pain


Preserve the changing, listening heart that is the temple of God and the core of your divine being.

Live with doors opened not closed.