At the Crossroads

I know there are beings who dwell,
on the  white line twixt heaven and hell
They dance on the threads
And make up their beds
In the void between Letter and Shell

I know there are creatures who keep
in the mists ´tween awake and asleep
they prey on the dreams
caught up in the seams
abandoned or hidden too deep

I know of a lady Moon
At the crossroads she´ll play and swoon
With an old man of doors
And the one Christ abhors
She´d turn all secrets into a tune

By the Good Brother -2013


The Oath

Thunder comes crashing
Through my mind
Once again
My rage is thrashing blind

As the noose is tightened
Something stuck in my throat
I can hear myself incanting
I can hear the oath

No more backing down
No more running
No more giving ground
No more running

Too many times
Too many places
Too many bigots
And angry faces

We’re hiding away
To our own shame
You know the story
It’s all the same

Mainstream culture
Mainstream lies
Mainstream husbands
And mainstream wives

I will not change you
Or set you free
Just let me pass
And leave me be

I hold no grudges
But i am drawing a line
You can either accept it
Or kiss my behind

For blubbering fools
I have no more time
I have roads to walk
I have mountains to climb

So stand aside, brother
Let me walk on
The oath is taken
The deed is done

I will walk on
Not matter but light
I will walk on
With one star in sight

No more backing down
No more running
No more giving ground
No more running

It is funny how words and their meanings change as time moves on. I wrote this text in a rage and the first version was even angrier but then a friend of mine used it in a song and he suggested some changes. In the end it turned out really well both as a poem and a song.

A link to the original song performed by Coph Nia